The Beacon Hills High School is a school in Beacon Hills and one of the main settings of Teen Wolf. The school was established in 1941.

Key Faculty and Staff Edit

Principal Thomas is the principal of the school.

Coach Bobby Finstock is an economics teacher and coach of the lacrosse and track teams.

Natalie Martin took over science classes and serves as a substitute.

Sue Sylvester is coach of the cheerleader team.

Mrs. Finch is the AP Biology professor in Season 5.

Ms. Morrell was a French teacher and Guidance Counselor.

Ken Yukimura took over for Mr. Westover as a History teacher after his death.

Ms. Flemming is a Math teacher in Season 4.

Former StaffEdit

Gerard was briefly the principal in Season 2.

Victoria Argent was a substitute teacher and office assistant before she died.

Adrian Harris was a chemistry teacher prior to his death in Season 3.

Jennifer Blake disguised herself as an English teacher.

Mr. Westover was a History teacher prior to his death.

Coach Lahey was formally the coach of the swim team.

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Production Edit

During Seasons 1 and 2, exterior and interior scenes at Beacon Hills HS were filmed at the old Briarcliff High School in Dekalb County, Georgia outside Atlanta. The school was shut down in 1987 and later became an Arts Academy.

In Season 3, when production shifted to California, Palisades Charter High School was used for the exterior and a few interior shots of BHHS.

The production also built a school hallway and classrooms at their main studio in Northridge, California for interior scenes.