Look, I don't mean to be a bitch...well actually I do.
Santana Lopez to Brody Fiore

This is the relationship between Hellhound and Captain Brody Fiore and Co-Captain Santana Lopez.

Brody and Santana meet when Brody joins Beacon Hills High School and do an audition for Beacon Hills Cheerios. At first sign, Santana found Brody pretty attractive, but when coach Sue is very impressed by his audition, by making him the new captain, those feelings turned into rage and much hate by taking her place on the top.

That the two can't walk in the same door is for sure, but because Brody is the new captain, Santana still listen to what he have to say to keep her position as co-captain. But when Patrick joins the cheerios, Brody wants him to be at his side as co-captain, so he is doing everything to let Sue keep that part for him. Santana is trying to make Brody's life a hell at school, but Brody is a fighter and don't let her do that.

Brody and Santana have fun but hatefull conversations in the hallways and students are aware of their rival relationship.

Brody and Santana are also known as 'Santody' by fans.

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Trivia Edit

  • Santana and Brody are both willing to do everything to be at top of the Cheerios.
  • Santana and Brody are both Sue's favorite students.
  • Despite their rival relationship, they both like each other deep in their hearts.
  • Santana has a picture of Brody in her locker.
  • Santana once bullies Brody's sister Marieke, that's also a reason why Brody keep fighting back.
  • Santana is not aware of Brody's Hellhound powers.
  • Santana thinks Brody is attractive