Theo: You don't have to hide from me, Corey.

Corey: I was trying to do something nice.

Theo: You were trying to do something normal, but you don't have to be normal anymore. We definitely don't have to be nice.

The relationship between the Chameleon Corey Bryant and Werecoyote Theo Raeken.

This relationship started in Ouroboros as Corey was reading The Dread Doctors' book and Theo says he should've stay with him. In Status Asthmaticus, Theo resurrects Corey and ohter chimeras including Tracy Stewart, Hayden Romero and Josh Diaz. As Corey is resurrected, he and the other chimeras are proclaimed Theo's Betas and they all belong to him. This relationship with Theo gets over as Theo gets dragged to the Hell.

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  • After learning about the type of person and Theo was, Corey swiftly left Theo's Pack.
  • Theo often used threats and fear to control Corey into doing what he said, as he did with the most of his pack.
  • Unlike Tracy and Josh, Corey was not killed by his alpha in an attempt to take his power.
  • Both Corey and Theo are Chimeras.

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