Druids are a group of humans who acted as emissaries for Werewolf packs, they would attempt to keep the pack in touch with their "humanity" The word Druid means "wise oak", which fits with their habit of given advice and wisdom to the packs. Usually only the Alpha knows who their Emissary is though in some cases like the McCall Pack, all the members can be aware.

In addition to given advice, a Druid may give direct help such as going out on dangerous missions to acquire resources or additional help in dealing with threats such as when Alan Deaton paralyzed a Yakuza boss just to get to some lichen needed to stop a Nogitsune.

Druids have a dark counterpart known as a Darach which is a Druid that has gone dark. Darach means "Dark Oak" which also suits their nature as they gain powers through ritual sacrifices.

Powers, Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Druids seem to be human but some have gain immense supernatural powers, though this is usually done through sacrifices which goes against their nature, as then they are no longer a Druid but a Darach.

  • Super-Strength: Sacrificing a "warrior" will endow the Druid with Strength equal or greater than a werewolf.
  • Telekinesis: Dark Druids can gain this ability presumably from sacrificing one of four group types.
  • Healing: Dark Druids gain this ability from sacrificing "healers"
  • Glamouring: One known Dark Druid was able to mask her disfigured face.


  • Mistlestoe.

Known DruidsEdit

Alan Deaton: Scott's Emissary.

Marin Morrell Deucalion's Emissary.

Jennifer Blake Kali's Emissary.