"They're connected. Find the Hellhound, and he'll find the Banshee
Meredith Walker about Jordan and Lydia in Lie Ability

The relationship between the Hellhound, Jordan Parrish and the Banshee, Lydia Martin.

Though the two interacted briefly during Season 3B, they did not officially interact one-on-one until Season 4's Muted, when Lydia wandered into the Walcott House in a Banshee fugue-state while Jordan was staking out the house following the murders of the Walcott Family. Afterward, Lydia began to see Jordan as a trustworthy ally and went to him for help several times to figure out the identity of The Benefactor and how to stop the Deadpool. Over time, the two became close friends, and Jordan began to develop romantic feelings toward her, which she seems to reciprocate, though neither of them have acted on these feelings.

In Season 5, it appeared as though Jordan and Lydia's connection was becoming stronger, particularly when Jordan began unconsciously being drawn to the dead Chimeras created by the Dread Doctors, whose bodies he then brought to the Nemeton, leading Lydia to realize that he was drawn to death just like her. When it was revealed that Jordan was a Hellhound, a bearer of death and guardian of the supernatural, Meredith Walker, a fellow Banshee, confirmed that Lydia and Jordan shared a supernatural connection as well as an emotional one, a connection that they are still trying to understand.

Jordan and Lydia are also known as Marrish or Jordia by fans.

Throughout Teen Wolf Edit

In The Divine Move, Parrish presumably met Lydia for the first time at the Beacon County Sheriff's Station, as he was tasked with interviewing Lydia, Scott, and Isaac about the events that led to Allison's death, though all three of them concealed the fact that Allison had been killed by an Oni demon from him due to the fact that he was still unaware of the supernatural at the time.

In Muted, Parrish was staking out the Walcott House to make sure that the killer of three of the four members of the Walcott Family didn't return to the scene when he suddenly saw someone inside the house. When he burst inside and identified himself as a Sheriff's deputy, he was shocked to see Lydia (who looked horrified to find that she had just snapped out of a Banshee fugue state) come out from the adjacent hallway.

After the shock had worn off, Lydia remarked that she would try to explain why she had been drawn to the house, but she had yet to receive a satisfactory explanation herself. When Parrish pointed out that all she had was an unusual habit of showing up at the sites where brutal murders took place, Lydia raised an eyebrow at him and asked if that meant she had a reputation. Parrish assured her it was simply an unusual one before suggesting that she might be psychic, causing Lydia to flirtatiously ask him if he really believed in that. Parrish, who had already been witness to supernatural events that couldn't be explained, stated that he didn't want to believe in anything but tried to keep an open mind anyway. This led Lydia to start to warm up to him just before she noticed what looked like screaming faces in the grain of the wood on the wall behind Parrish.

Lydia wandered toward it, looking at the wall as if she was receiving another premonition from the Banshee figures in the wood grain, until she finally got the idea to press on it. This revealed that there was a hidden door in the wall that caused a small amount of cold fog to seep out, and Parrish instantly pulled out his gun before walking through the door with Lydia following closely behind. They walked through the chilly secret corridor before coming to a doorway covered by strips of clear plastic, and once inside, they found large bags hanging from hooks. Parrish suggested that it was a game locker, since hunting large animals is legal in some parts of California, but it was obvious that Lydia knew the contents of the bags didn't hold the kind of animals Parrish was thinking about. This led her to be disgusted, but not surprised, when Parrish opened the nearest bag to find a dead woman hanging from the hook inside, revealing that the Walcott family had been cannibals, specifically a cannibalistic species of shapeshifter called Wendigos.

In I.E.D., Parrish found Meredith Wakler, who had escaped from Eichen House after receiving a Banshee premonition that Lydia and Malia Tate needed her help, while she was walking toward downtown Beacon Hills. When Parrish brought her to the Sheriff's station, he was surprised when Meredit wasted no time before telling Sheriff Stilinski that she needed to talk to Lydia.

Later that evening, Parrish approached Stilinski, where he observed that the Sheriff had, in fact, contacted Lydia and Malia with instructions to come to the station. Stilinski frowned when Parrish asked if he called Lydia "because Meredith asked for her, or because of the other thing," and when he asked what Parrish meant by "other thing," Parrish looked around to make sure he wasn't being overheard before replying "The psychic thing." Sheriff Stilinski was surprised to hear that Parrish believed Lydia was psychic, but when Parrish asked him if he thought Lydia was psychic as well, Stilinski tried to backtrack by claiming that Lydia was simply "intuitive." This led Parrish to point out that psychics used to be call "intuitionists," and Stilinski, frustrated by this entire situation, simply invited Parrish into his office to observe Lydia and Malia talking to Meredith.

Once inside the office, Parrish watched as Lydia surreptitiously handed Meredith her phone, as she knew that Meredith used phones to make sense of her auditory Banshee premonitions; however, Parrish was confused when Meredith simply whispered, "It's not ringing." Lydia continued to encourage Meredith to help them figure out the second cipher key to the Deadpool hit-list code, but she became frustrated when Meredith pointed out that she had come because she heard Lydia calling for her, once again confusing Parrish. However, he sensed the frustration of both Banshees and stepped in to try to mediate, kneeling in front of Meredith and asking her if he could ask her a question, which Meredith nervously allowed. Lydia seemed genuinely surprised and impressed by Parrish's patience as he asked Meredith if there was someone she reached out to or called when she needed help finding something. When Meredith admitted that she contacted different people depending on what kind of assistance she needed, Parrish asked her if that meant that maybe there was a number that they could call for help as well. Meredith nodded and gave Parrish, Lydia, and Malia the numbers 2-4-3-6.

However, since this wasn't a full phone number, Lydia once again lost her patience, reminding her that a lot of people were going to die if she didn't help, but Meredith continued to insist that the number she gave was it, eventually shutting down completely and forcing Parrish to intervene to calm Meredith down while also sending Lydia and Malia out of the office to cool off. Some time later, when Malia figured out that the number Meredith gave them corresponded with telephone keys and spelled out "Aiden," Lydia used the code to unlock the second list in the Deadpool. After Malia left, Lydia was scrolling through the list when Parrish came in, startling her so badly that she slammed the laptop shut at the sound of the door opening. Parrish apologized for scaring her and asked her if she needed a ride home, but Lydia smiled nervously and assured him that she was fine. When Parrish left, she opened her laptop and anxiously bit her lip as she reread the names and bounties on the list. Included on the list was "Jordan Parrish," who had a bounty of $5 million.

In Orphaned, Lydia and Stiles, knowing that unlocking the last third of the Deadpool hit-list was necessary in order for them to stop it, returned to the Sheriff's station. Upon seeing them, Parrish informed the two that Sheriff Stilinski was out, but that they were welcome to wait until he returned, but Stiles and Lydia instead informed the young deputy that they were there to talk to him. They gave him a folded print-out of the second portion of the Deadpool that they had unlocked in the previous episode, explaining that it was indeed a hit-list before asking him if he recognized any of the names. Parrish remarked that Sheriff Stilinski did have him run some of those names through the system earlier, though none of them had records. Stiles gave Lydia a look and told her to show Parrish "the other thing," which led Lydia to gingerly flip the folded list over to show Parrish that his name was on the hit-list as well.

Parrish immediately declared this newest revelation to be "kind of terrifying" before asking them what the number meant. Lydia hesitated before stating that it was what he was worth, and Parrish was momentarily offended that he was only worth $5 before they corrected him by saying he was actually worth $5 million. After Parrish lamented the fact that he only made $40,000 a year and suggested killing himself to get his bounty, he asked them why he was on the list in the first place, but Lydia and Stiles decided to introduce him to the supernatural world another day and instead focus on cracking the third and final list. Parrish seemed eager to help them figure out the key until Lydia nervously pointed out that they needed Meredith Walker's help again. Parrish exasperatedly reminded her that she had nearly given Meredith a nervous breakdown the last time she talked to her, but when Lydia emphasized the "almost" in his statement, Parrish sighed and agreed to escort the two to Eichen House to interview Meredith again.

When the three of them got to Eichen, they were in the process of being let into Meredith's room in the closed unit by an unnamed orderly when the head orderly, Brunski, approached them and immediately stopped them. Parrish insisted that they needed to talk to Meredith as part of an investigation into a murder, and though Brunski conceded that Parrish could go in if he wanted, Lydia and especially Stiles had to stay behind. Parrish argued that they were crucial witnesses in an ongoing investigation and pointed out that he wouldn't have brought them if he didn't have to, but Brunski wasn't convinced and stated that if they wanted in, he would have to come back for a warrant. When Parrish saw Brunski taunting Stiles for his previous stint in the mental health center and his outstanding bills, Parrish brought up the fact that a buddy of his at Canaan police department told him he helped Brunski get home after blowing a 0.1 on a breathalyzer test, impressing Lydia and Stiles before Brunski caved and allowed them entry into Meredith's room.

However, upon sitting down to talk to Meredith, Lydia immediately became frustrated by Meredith's lack of desire to help them, which made Parrish nervous enough to tell them to go easy on her. Lydia pointed out that Meredith had helped them out before, and she and Stiles both were flabbergasted when Meredith implied that things had changed since then. After some coaxing, Meredith finally admitted that "he" didn't want her to help them with the Deadpool anymore, leading Parrish, Lydia, and Stiles to realize that she had been in contact with the Benefactor. She starts to have a panic attack from all of the pushing Lydia is doing, which only makes Lydia more desperate for answers. It wasn't until Meredith screamed "I don't know!" in her Banshee voice that they finally stopped, because the force of the scream caused Lydia's ears to start to bleed, leading Parrish to insist that they leave.

That night, after Lydia got a Banshee premonition that led to the realization that the final cipher key was "Derek," she and Stiles used the key to unlock the last portion of the Deadpool list, which included Meredith (whose bounty was $1 million). Lydia immediately insisted that they needed to call Parrish to inform him of this newest development, but when she did, Parrish was forced to apologize to her before breaking the bad news that Meredith had been found dead at Eichen House by Brunski after the girl hung herself with her sheet.

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  • Jordan and Lydia are both harbingers of death who have premonitions of those who are to die and who are drawn to the dead.
  • They are both also immune to the effects of Mountain Ash, as Lydia can handle it just like any human, and Jordan can burn through it with his Hellhound fire.
  • It appears that Lydia's Banshee spirit can visit Jordan's inner Hellhound spirit to warn him of certain impending deaths in the form of visions, such as when she warned him that she was badly injured and that Sheriff Stilinski was near death. This first began happening in times of great stress, such as when Jordan was gravely injured by Belasko, or when Jordan was asleep, but in time, Jordan began experiencing these visions when he was wide awake as well.
  • Jordan was the first character to accept and believe in Lydia's premonitions and instincts without first assuming she was "crazy," even before he learned just how real the supernatural world was.