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Not all monsters do monstrous things.
Lydia to Meredith Walker in Monstrous

Lydia Martin is a main character and the current female lead of Teen Wolf. She is the daughter of Natalie Martin and Mr. Martin, and the granddaughter of Lorraine Martin and her wife Maddy. When first introduced, Lydia could be as described as a shallow, vain, mean-girl who played dumb to hide just how smart she really was. However, after she began to become friends with Allison Argent, Scott McCall, and Stiles Stilinski, Lydia began to shed this persona and has since grown into a brave, compassionate person who genuinely enjoys helping people.

At the end of Season One, Lydia was attacked and bitten by then-Alpha Peter Hale, but in a shocking turn of events, she neither died nor turned into a werewolf. However, she began to hear voices, go into fugue states similar to sleepwalking, and have terrifying hallucinations about Peter-- unbeknownst to her, Peter's attack had activated her latent Banshee abilities she had inherited from her grandmother. It was eventually revealed that his attack against her also allowed his spirit to live in her mind, affording him a connection with Lydia that he could use to manipulate her into resurrecting him with a special ritual on the Worm Moon. Even after he had vacated her consciousness, Lydia began to be drawn to dead bodies in Beacon Hills, particularly those killed by the supernatural, which steadily began to worry her. It was eventually revealed to her by Jennifer Blake that Lydia was, in fact, a Banshee, also known as the Wailing Woman, a harbinger of death.

Since this revelation, Lydia has struggled to learn the full scope of her powers and how to use them, often lamenting the fact that her powers were passive and spontaneous, unlike the comparatively easier-to-control powers of werecreatures that could be used actively and defensively. Despite her frustrations, Lydia's ability to sense imminent death has given the pack numerous advantages in battles, though very few people give her credit for just how powerful she is.

Recently, due to injuries sustained when Theo Raeken entered her mind to sense her memories, Lydia became temporarily catatonic, causing her to be admitted into the supernatural ward of Eichen House. While there, Dr. Gabriel Valack performed trephination on her, which amplified her abilities to the point that she has extra-sensory perception. It was confirmed by Alan Deaton in Amplification that Lydia is an exceptionally powerful Banshee, even despite the fact that Lydia doesn't know the full extent of her powers yet, which is likely at least part of why Valack was so determined to use her to figure out the identity of the Beast of Gevaudan.

As of Lie Ability, Lydia has been rescued from Eichen House and is back with her loved ones, and has returned to her original power level after Deaton reversed the trephination with mistletoe paste. However, thanks to Meredith Walker, a fellow Banshee and a friend and ally of Lydia and the McCall Pack, Lydia has since learned how to use her voice as an offensive weapon, allowing her to channel the power of her voice through her hands to create concussive blasts that can forcefully throw a grown person backward away from her. This combined with her newly-learned close-quarters combat skills, taught to her by Jordan Parrish, has given her the ability to better defend herself from threats even if the pack is not around to assist her.

Lydia is a member of the Martin Family and the McCall Pack.

Early Life Edit

Lydia has attended school with Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski for most of her life, judging by Stiles' comments that he has had a crush on her since the third grade ("Formality") and at some point, her IQ was tested, and she rated a genius-level score of 170. ("Unleashed") When she was young, she was very close to her paternal grandmother Lorraine, with whom she read many books. Her favorite was The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen, which she loved so much that she insisted she be called Ariel, a trait Lorraine found adorable. ("Monstrous")

When Lydia was in elementary school, her grandmother was sent to Eichen House; while Lydia's parents were sure that Lorraine was mentally ill, in reality, she was a Banshee who could hear voices and other sounds on a level of the universe no one else could perceive and experience almost psychic-esque premonitions. ("Time of Death") One day, Lorraine performed trephination on herself while in the bathtub at Eichen House, which caused Natalie to be called to help deal with it. Though Lydia was told to stay in the car, she eventually got bored and followed her mother in, where she found Lorraine surrounded by a pool of blood. Lorraine saw her in the doorway and stated, "They're coming, Lydia. They're coming for all of us," but for some yet-unexplained reason, Lydia repressed the memory until she read Gabriel Valack's novel The Dread Doctors, which was intended to trigger suppressed memories, specifically those that were suppressed by the Dread Doctors themselves. ("Required Reading")

Throughout Teen Wolf Edit

In Wolf Moon, Lydia befriended new student Allison Argent and invited her to a party at her house.

In Second Chance at First Line, she expressed an interest in Scott McCall only after he becomes exceptional at lacrosse, not realizing that it was due to his recent transformation into a werewolf.

In Pack Mentality, Lydia arranged a double date for Scott, Allison, Jackson and herself, and the four agreed to go to the bowling alley. At first, she pretended to be a bad bowler, but Jackson's bad behavior prompted her to show her true abilities, which was a perfect form.

In Magic Bullet, Lydia gave Allison advice on how to act during her "study session" with Scott that afternoon.

In The Tell, Lydia witnessed the Alpha werewolf burst through the window of the video store while she was waiting for Jackson to rent The Notebook. The next day, she stayed home from school due to stress and was shown to have been heavily medicated when Stiles came to visit her and find out what she knew about the attack. During parent-teacher conferences, her parents seem surprised when Ms. Ramsey informed them that Lydia was one of the most gifted students at Beacon Hills High School, and that not only did her AP classes and excellent grades push her above a 5.0 GPA, but that she also demonstrated excellent leadership qualities, which made Ms. Ramsey want to have Lydia's IQ tested.

In Heart Monitor, Allison, who was starting to learn about her family's history, showed Lydia a picture of a La Bête du Gévaudan, which Lydia recognized as looking very similar to the creature she saw at the video store in the previous episode.

In Night School, Lydia went to the high school with Jackson and Allison after receiving a text message from "Scott" (who, in reality, had his phone stolen by the Alpha) that summoned them there. Once they found Scott and Stiles, they realized that they had been trapped by the Alpha (though Scott and Stiles left out the part that it was a werewolf and instead claimed that Derek Hale was a serial killer, as they believed he had already been killed by the Alpha anyway). Lydia revealed her talent for science when she created self-igniting Molotov cocktails for Scott to use against the so-called serial killer, but the cocktails ended up not working because Jackson handed her the wrong ingredient. She, along with Allison, Stiles, and Jackson, were then locked into a room by Scott, who had been forced to transform due to the Alpha's power over him and was trying to prevent them from being harmed by him or the Alpha. Later that night, she was finally released from the school by the police after Alan Deaton managed to summon help.

In Lunatic, Lydia assured Allison that her decision to break up with Scott was the right thing to do after making a snarky comment about Allison's outfit. However, Lydia, who had become more and more attracted to Scott throughout the episodes, decided to make a play for Scott herself by luring him into Coach Finstock's office and assured him that she knew that he had locked them all into the room to protect them. She then showed her gratitude at his attempts to save her by making out with him, kisses which Scott returned in kind due to the impending full moon affecting his personality.

In Co-Captain, Jackson broke up with Lydia via text, and though Lydia tried to shrug it off as something that didn't bother her, it was clear that she was very hurt by Jackson's actions. After school, Allison and Lydia go out into the Beacon Hills Preserve with Allison's bow so she could see what the special arrowhead her aunt Kate left out for her did. Before Allison practiced her archery, she made a comment to Lydia that indicated that she knew that Lydia had made out with Scott after she informed Lydia that she was going to the Winter Formal with Jackson, but just as friends. Lydia then watched in shock as Allison attacked the arrowhead to one of her arrows and shot it at a nearby tree, realizing that it was a flash-bang arrowhead when it explodes in small burst of fire and light upon impact. When Lydia asked her if she had any other lethal weapons she wanted to check out, Allison, who had heard something in the woods nearby, told her to stay where she was while she checked it out and told Lydia to use the bow and arrows if anyone attacked her.

In Formality, as an apology she for making out with with Scott, Lydia took Allison shopping for a dress for the Winter Formal, though Allison did take advantage of Lydia's guilt by convincing her to ask Stiles to be her date to the dance. While they shopped, Lydia dumped an armful of dress choices into Stiles' arms, leaving him standing awkwardly while she continued to browse.

That night at the dance, Jackson was rude to Lydia upon their arrival, which clearly hurt Lydia's feelings, but after Stiles assured her that she looked beautiful, Lydia seemed to really see Stiles for who he was for the first time and allowed Stiles to lead her inside. However, she spent most of the start of the dance sitting sullenly at a table while Stiles tried to convince her to dance with him. After several rejections on Lydia's part, Stiles admitted to having had a crush on Lydia since he was in third grade before pointing out that he is probably the only person who knows just how smart Lydia really is, and that she would probably one day win a Nobel Prize for a mathematical theorum she would eventually invent. Lydia, touched by the fact that Stiles seemed to see through her fake dumb-mean-girl façade, retorted that since Nobel didn't have a prize for mathematics, she would be instead winning a Field's medal before finally agreeing to dance with him.

The two danced for several music numbers until Stiles realized that Lydia was worried about Jackson, who hadn't been seen for quite a while. Feeling somewhat guilty, Lydia left Stiles to look for Jackson, eventually wandering onto the lacrosse field, where she anxiously watched as the overhead lights snapped on one after another. Suddenly, Lydia heard Stiles screaming her name as he quickly ran after her, but before he could get to her, the Alpha (who by then had been revealed as Peter Hale, Derek Hale's previously-comatose uncle who had killed Derek's sister Laura to become an Alpha) began to maul her by biting and scratching her body.

In Code Breaker, Stiles managed to convince Peter to stop attacking Lydia, though she had already been bitten several times by this point. However, Peter forced Stiles to leave Lydia behind so he could help him find Scott, who he needed to find Derek. Stiles then called Jackson, who rushed to find Lydia on the lacrosse field and frantically carried her back to the school to get her medical attention.

Once taken to Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital, Lydia began to go into shock, and, according to Sheriff Stilinski, she began experiencing what almost appeared to be anaphylactic shock, as though she was allergic to the attack, though the doctors were eventually able to stabilize her condition. She remained unconscious through the various visits from Allison, Scott, and Stiles, the latter two of whom came to both make sure she was okay and to check her wounds. Since the Bite was known to either kill the human or turn them into a werewolf, Scott and Stiles assumed that Lydia, who had managed to survive the ordeal, would be turning into a werewolf, but when Scott checked her wounds, he was shocked to find that they hadn't healed yet, indicating that she wasn't actually turning and making them concerned about what this could mean for her.

In The Last Chimera,

In Damnatio Memoriae,

In Codominance,

In The Sword and the Spirit,

In Amplification,

In Lie Ability,

In A Credible Threat,

In Maid of Gévaudan, Lydia attempted to get Parrish to stay for the story Gerard and Chris Argent were about to tell, but he refused. Though she tried to chase after him, Gerard and Chris stopped her, and she reluctantly stayed and listened as Gerard told her the story of the original Beast of Gevaudan and the young huntress who slayed him, Marie-Jeanne Valet. By the end of the story, all Lydia wanted to do was find Parrish and convince him to stay in Beacon Hills, but they warn her against it, claiming that Parrish, as a shapeshifter who was just beginning to understand the scope of his power as a Hellhound, was a danger to her and others.

Annoyed and frustrated, Lydia began to questioned why Gerard was suddenly on their side after everything he had done in the past, which caused Gerard to inform her that Marie-Jeanne married Henri Argent and took his name, making her the first Argent Hunter. When Chris and Gerard informed Lydia that they believed that Lydia could have a better chance of defeating the Beast than Parrish, Lydia realized that they intended her to be this generation's version of Marie-Jeanne, which led Lydia to remind them that she's not an Argent, and she's not Allison before she left to track down Parrish.

In The Beast of Beacon Hills,

In Apotheosis,


Personality Edit

Academically, Lydia is one of the finest students I've ever had. Her AP classes push her GPA above a 5.0. I'd actually like to have her IQ tested. And socially, she displays outstanding leadership qualities. I mean, she's a real leader.
— A Beacon Hills High School teacher about Lydia in The Tell

At the beginning of the series, Lydia put on an act of being the vain, shallow, ditzy mean-girl despite having an IQ higher than anyone at BHHS, and she and her then-boyfriend Jackson ruled as the most popular kids at school. However, upon meeting Allison and befriending Scott and Stiles, Lydia's fake persona began to fade away, revealing the true Lydia underneath-- one who was kind, loyal, extremely intelligent (and unafraid to show it), and determined to help people however she can. She is especially talented at math, physics, and languages, having taught herself both Archaic and Classical Latin as well as being somewhat fluent in French and Spanish, and once insisting that she would one day win the Fields Medal in mathematics as a result of inventing a new mathematical theorem.

However, being bitten and attacked by Peter Hale not only triggered her latent Banshee abilities, which likely would not have manifested until age eighteen otherwise, but also allowed him to possess her mind long enough to manipulate her into resurrecting him with a ritual involving the full moon. During this time, Lydia experienced fugue states, hallucinations, nightmares, and other terrifying symptoms that severely decreased her state of mind along with her social status at school. Even after Peter had left her consciousness, she was still regularly traumatized by the dead bodies she was unconsciously drawn to due to her nature as a harbinger of death. However, the McCall Pack began to give her the support she desperately needed, and once she started to get a handle on her new life, Lydia made it her mission to do good whenever she can, particularly when it involves teenage girls like herself who are struggling just like she was, such as Tracy Stewart and Sydney.

Physical Appearance Edit

Lydia is a beautiful thin and petite woman with very pale skin, green eyes, and long strawberry-blonde hair. Her style leans toward the very feminine, and she is nearly always seen wearing dresses or pencil skirts with dressy blouses and high heels or booties. However, due to Lydia's developing fighting skills, she has recently started to wear shorts and jeans more often than dresses and skirts due to the fact that they're more practical, given that she may need to fight at any moment; despite this fact, she still prefers to wear boots rather than sneakers. She typically wears her hair at least partially pulled away from her face, and has a tendency to braid it up in a milkmaid style. She likes to keep her eye makeup to a minimum in favor of wearing bold colored lipstick, and occasionally wears thin chain necklaces or simple rings.

Powers and Abilities Edit

"Valack found that trephination would initially heighten their powers, but to levels that couldn't be contained."
"So he wants to make Lydia more powerful?"
"Yeah, except she's going to end up like them."
"Worse, actually. Lydia's abilities were already pretty exceptional to begin with. Putting a hole in her head will be like causing a leak in a nuclear reactor. She'll hear everything-- every death, every dying scream, all at once. [...] Not only that. Her own dying scream could be so powerful that it might kill everyone around her."
Alan Deaton, Scott McCall, and Stiles Stilinski about Lydia's powers in Amplification

As a Banshee, Lydia has a wide range of supernatural powers that can be used for various effects. Due to the trephination performed on her by Valack, she has gained new powers in addition to having some of her preexisting powers amplified, but this has since been reversed by Alan Deaton by filling the hole in her head with mistletoe. Lydia also has many human abilities and skills that benefit her life in the supernatural world, as well as her pack as a whole.


  • Harbinger of Death Sense: As a Banshee, Lydia can sense when someone has died or is about to die. This is usually accompanied by a trance-like state that draws her to those who are dead or near-death, though with practice, she has gotten better at being aware of what she's doing when this happens. During her first-ever banshee fugue state, she walked naked from the hospital to the Hale House ruins, where Peter had been killed and buried, and was in the woods for nearly two whole days.
  • Premonitions: As a Banshee, Lydia's ears are naturally tuned to levels of the universe that only she (and other Banshees) can hear, which gives her the ability to receive auditory premonitions about the person whose death she's sensing. This allows her to discern how a person will die, and what caused the event in the first place. For example, Lydia was able to foresee Scott's impending death after she had an auditory premonition involving wolves growling and fighting each other. As Lydia's powers have grown, her premonitions have gone from being purely auditory to also being visual as well, which makes it easier for Lydia to figure out what her Banshee instincts are telling her. This power became even more heightened during the brief period that Valack performed trephination on her skull in Season 5. However, Lydia's premonitions are not always literal and can often be up for interpretation, and she often doesn't receive every single detail of what is about to happen during the premonition. For example, her premonition of the Desert Wolf killing Malia showed Malia hiding in her former coyote den while the Desert Wolf approached her, but in reality, their battle was at Fort Jewett.
  • Sound Divination: As a Banshee with heightened hearing abilities, Lydia can use sound vibrations to divine for more information regarding those whose deaths she is foretelling. For example, Lydia was able to figure out that Stiles was dreaming about Eichen House by plucking strings of yarn tied to his clue board and listening to the vibrations, and got a general (albeit vague) sense of Derek's condition by listening to his screams through the sound of bullet casings hitting a metal tabletop. Additionally, the blank record in her grandmother's sound-proofed study allowed her to divine that the first code word for the Deadpool list was "Allison."
  • Harbinger Connection: As a Banshee, Lydia has a somewhat psychic connection to other Banshees, which she can use to communicate with them, even if they are miles away from her. However, this is an ability that must be consciously activated, and as a result, Lydia is still learning the full scope of how to use this power. She has been able to use this connection to communicate with fellow Banshee Meredith Walker, allowing her to pass messages along to her pack when Lydia was held captive by the Nogitsune, and giving Meredith the opportunity to help Lydia use her Banshee wail as a weapon while she was catatonic. Additionally, she seems to have a similar connection with Hellhounds (specifically Jordan Parrish), since they are also harbingers of death; this allows her to warn Jordan when there are bodies for him to take to the Nemeton, though neither of them seem to be fully aware of this connection and how it works.
  • Banshee Wail: As a Banshee, Lydia has a powerful voice that can be used to produce various effects. Her wail is most often used as a warning of someone's impending death, or as a signal that someone has just died, and in this kind of case, Lydia usually wails after she has found a dead body in a fugue state. This type of wail was used when she was unconsciously drawn to Derek's loft when it was believed that he was going to die. Her scream can also be used to clear ambient noises from her auditory channels so that she can focus her attention on the specific sounds that she needs to hear. Her wail can be used in an active or offensive manner as well; when a Banshee wail is given focus and direction, it can shatter bulletproof glass, overload electronics, burst eardrums, and create concussive blasts that can throw a full-grown man across a room. Lydia used this ability during her first attempt to break out of Eichen House. She can also use her hands to guide her voice toward her target, which gives her greater control over where the power is focused. While her abilities were amplified by trephination, Lydia's scream was powerful enough to shatter Gabriel Valack's skull, though it is unknown if she retains her scream at this powerful of a level now that the effects of the trephination have been reversed.
  • Supernatural Immunity: As a Banshee, Lydia is immune to the effects of many supernatural phenomenon. A bite from an Alpha Werewolf will neither kill her nor turn her, provided the wound isn't fatal, as evidenced when Peter bit her in Season 1 and it did nothing but activate her latent Banshee abilities. Likewise, Kanima venom will not paralyze her or otherwise have an effect on her at all, which was proven when she unknowingly ate a piece of rock candy covered in Jackson's venom and suffered no negative consequences whatsoever, as well as when Tracy Stewart cut Lydia with her Kanima tail before Kira cut it off with her katana. Additionally, she can wield rowan wood and mountain ash like any normal human and is unaffected by barriers made of it, which would weaken and trap any other supernatural creature.

Former Powers

  • Extrasensory Perception: After having a hole drilled into her skull behind her ear (a procedure known as trephination) by Dr. Valack, Lydia's supernatural abilities were temporarily heightened to such a powerful degree that she could have full sensory visions of what she's seeking, though they do have to have at least some connection to death. However, this was actually very painful to her, because she heard the screams of every dying person in the world all at once, which caused her to Banshee wail multiple times, causing shattered windows, cracked mirrors, crumbling walls, and even bursting one of Stiles Stilinski's eardrums, as well as blowing off half of Valack's skull with her scream.
    • Retrocognition: Lydia was able to use ESP to go back to the night that Theo let his sister die through a highly realistic vision. In the vision, Lydia walked through the creek where his sister died until she finally found her, allowing her to look at the young girl's chest and find that her heart was removed. These visions are like walking through a movie, where she can pause and focus on specific things in minute detail, even despite the fact that she never experienced this event when it happened.
    • Clairvoyance: Lydia was able to see a vision of Theo and his Chimera Pack invading Eichen House to come capture her in the present, despite the fact that she was not physically anywhere near them at the time.


  • Genius-Level Intelligence: Lydia has an IQ of 170, which is well above genius level. Between how quickly she can learn new skills and her craving for knowledge, Lydia possesses dearth of knowledge on a wide range of topics including mathematics, chemistry, physics, medicine, psychology, history, mythology, and foreign languages, which has helped the pack on numerous occasions. For this reason, she is often teamed-up with Stiles in order to investigate various supernatural crimes, pairing her immense academic knowledge with Stiles' advanced understanding of law enforcement and detective work.
  • Skilled Close-Quarters Combatant: Lydia was trained by Jordan Parrish, a former Army EOD technician, to fight in close-quarters combat, and even Meredith insisted that Lydia learned much more than normal people would in much less time. In flash-forwards in Season 5, Lydia was shown using this ability to fight her way out of Eichen House, and would have succeeded had she not been overpowered by a half-dozen guards with cattle-prod tasers.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Mortality: Despite being a Banshee, Lydia is still technically human and has no supernatural healing ability; for that reason, she is vulnerable to any physical illness or injury as any other mundane person would be, including fatal ones.
  • Loud Noises: As a Banshee with a very heightened sense of hearing, Lydia is vulnerable to very loud noises. For example, Meredith's banshee wail once caused Lydia to start bleeding from her ears because the pitch was literally ear-piercing to her.
  • Psychological Turmoil: Being a Banshee is often a very traumatizing experience, as she is literally surrounded by death, whether it's because she's predicting it, witnessing it, or finding a body after they've been killed. This can have understandable negative effects on Lydia's psyche.
  • Effects of Trephination: (Formerly) According to Alan Deaton, when trephination is performed on Banshees, they are completely overwhelmed by the screams and sensations of every single person in the world who is currently dying. Their highly amplified powers will eventually become so difficult for the Banshee to control that they will foresee their own death before wailing loudly and dying. Because Lydia had a hole drilled in her head in this manner, she was affected by the same consequences, though this was eventually reversed by Deaton by plugging up the trephination hole with a paste made of mistletoe, a known curative herb in the Druid arts.


  • Lydia: Lydia is a feminine given name with origins in English, German, Finnish, Biblical Latin and Greek, and Old Slavic. In Greek, Lydia means "from Lydia" due to its status as a region on the west coast of Asia Minor (which is now modern-day Turkey). In the New Testament, Lydia was the name of a woman, Lydia of Thyatira, who was converted to Christianity by Saint Paul. In the modern era, the name has been in use since the Protestant Reformation, and it is a variant of the German, Dutch, and Scandinavian name Adelheid, from which the name Allison and its variants are also derived, making it an appropriate name choice for Lydia Martin, given the close sisterly bond between Lydia and Allison Argent.
    • Variants of the name Lydia in other languages include: Lidiya (Bulgarian, Russian); Lídia (Catalan, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish); Lidija (Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian, Slovene); Lýdie (Czech, French); Lilla (Hungarian); Lidka (Polish); Lidochka (Russian); Lýdia (Slovak).
  • Martin: Martin is an English, French, German, and Czech surname derived from the Roman name Martinus, which was derived from Martis, the genitive case of Mars, the Roman god of war. It could also be a shortened form of the name St. Martin, the name of a once-great family in Lothian, Scotland. Variants of the name in other languages include: Martinus (Ancient Roman, Dutch); Mattin, Matxin (Basque); Martí (Catalan); Marten, Martijn, Tijn (Dutch); Máirtín (Irish); Martino, Tino (Italian); Martynes (Lithuanian); Marcin (Polish); Martim, Martinho (Portuguese); Martín (Spanish); Martyn (Ukrainian, Welsh).

Trivia Edit

  • Lydia was listed on the Deadpool hit-list for $20 million, making her the second-highest valued target on the list after Scott McCall, who was valued at $25 million.
  • Lydia has a small poodle named Prada.
  • Lydia has technically kissed the most characters of any other character on the show: Jackson, Scott, Aiden, Stiles, and Jordan. However, she has only kissed Scott and Stiles on one single occasion each, and has only kissed Jordan in hallucinations/visions.
  • According to Jeff Davis in interviews, Lydia will be one of the most important players in Season 5, likely due to her amplified powers and her ability to foresee all of the impending deaths.
  • Alan Deaton described Lydia as an "exceptionally powerful" Banshee in Amplification, suggesting that she may be the strongest of the three Banshees introduced in the series thus far.

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