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Rafael McCall, also known as Special Agent McCall, is a supporting character on Teen Wolf. He is the father of Scott McCall, the ex-husband of Melissa McCall, and a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

He was first introduced in Season 3 when the FBI was called in to investigate a string of murders, kidnappings, and missing persons reports, and his first act was to investigate the kidnapping of his ex-wife Melissa, Sheriff Stilinski, and Chris Argent, who, unbeknownst to him, had been taken hostage by Jennifer Blake as part of her Darach sacrifices. Though he originally seemed to believe he would be in his former hometown for a short time before returning to San Francisco, he ultimately decided to stick around Beacon Hills for several more months after being instructed by his superiors to build a case against the impeachment of Sheriff Stilinski due to his inability to close cases and solve the many (supernatural) crimes plaguing the town. However, it was revealed near the end of Season 3 that Rafael was actually trying to exonerate Sheriff after realizing just how unbelievable the events in Beacon Hills were.

This allowed him to start to rebuild a relationship with his son, Scott, with whom he had been estranged for years, while also monitoring the criminal activity in his town. In Season 4, he assisted the Beacon County Sheriff's Department in investigating the murders associated with the Deadpool hit-list, not knowing that it was supernatural creatures being killed for money. He eventually returned to his home office in San Francisco in order to file a report after being forced to kill The Chemist in the line of duty to prevent him from killing Stiles Stilinski. However, before he left, he informed Scott that he knew that they knew something about what was going on that he didn't, and that he wanted to be in-the-know about it when he returned.

Rafael McCall is a member of the McCall Family and works with the Federal Bureau of Investigations and the Beacon County Sheriff's Department.

Early Life Edit

Very little of Rafael's life prior to his introduction in the series has been revealed as of yet. However, it has been implied that he married Melissa Delgado when they were relatively young, and had their first and only child, Scott McCall, some time later. When Melissa graduated from nursing school, he bought her a watch to celebrate, which Melissa would later say was the only part of their marriage that ever worked. ("Alpha Pact")

Unfortunately, Rafael's alcohol addiction eventually became a big problem for their family. One night, when Scott was just a small child, a drunk Rafael got into an argument with Melissa in the upstairs hallway. When Scott came out to see what was going on, Rafael grabbed him by the arm to lead him back to his room, and due to Scott struggling to break free, Rafael accidentally pushed Scott down the stairs, where his head slammed against the landing so hard that it dented the floorboards. He was unconscious for nearly half a minute, but when he awoke, he didn't remember anything about the incident. However, Melissa was so furious that she insisted that he leave, which Rafael took as a statement that she no longer wanted her or Scott to have anything to do with him, though Melissa would later inform him that she was only kicking a drunk man out of her house, not Scott's father out of his life completely. ("Insatiable"), ("The Divine Move")

It has been implied in earlier seasons that Scott may have lived with his father for a short time before moving back in with his mother, but at some point after Rafael and Melissa divorced, Rafael moved to the FBI's San Francisco headquarters, and contact between him and his son and ex-wife was totally cut off. ("Pack Mentality") Melissa even explained to Scott's teachers that they were much better off without Rafael in their lives, suggesting that they were on very tense terms with each other. ("The Tell") He would not reunite with his family until late autumn in 2011.

Throughout Teen WolfEdit

Rafael made his first appearance in Alpha Pact, when he arrived to Beacon Hills to investigate a slew of grisly murders and kidnappings which, unbeknownst to him, were actually human sacrifices being committed by a Darach named Jennifer Blake in order to get her revenge against the Alpha Pack. He came to Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital to question Stiles Stilinski following an intense battle between the Alphas and the Beacon Hills werewolves. Stiles immediately reacted to Rafael's presence with contempt, suggesting that Stiles held a grudge for Rafael's treatment of Scott in their youth. After Stiles lied and said that he spent the entire night locked in the elevator due to the power outage and thus missed "whatever" caused the hospital's destruction, Rafael turned the subject to Sheriff Stilinski and asked why Sheriff has not come into work or returned any of their communications, suggesting that perhaps Sheriff's drinking problem had relapsed again, an accusation that only made Stiles more hostile to him.

The next day, Rafael approached Stiles at school to inform him that his father was officially missing after they had found his car abandoned in the high school parking lot, though Stiles already knew that Sheriff had been taken by the Darach. He tried his best to get Stiles to talk to him, as he knew the boy knew more than he was letting on, but when Stiles insisted that he knew nothing, Rafael released him into Alan Deaton's custody. That night, when Scott, Stiles, and Allison Argent were about to perform the surrogate sacrifice ritual that involved them drowning themselves in ice baths to find the location of the Nemeton where their parents were being held, Stiles, concerned he might not make it back, decided to tell Scott that his father was in town. The scene then cut to the McCall House, where Rafael was sitting in Scott's bedroom, waiting for him to come home and worried about the also-missing Melissa.

In Lunar Ellipse, Rafael and two of his fellow agents went to the Argent Apartment to investigate Chris Argent's disappearance, only to find that it was chock full of weaponry that he and Allison brought out of storage to use in their battle against the Darach. He then confronted Scott, Allison, and Isaac Lahey when they came to the apartment to get something with Argent's scent to better find him, forcing them to stay and answer his questions. However, instead of giving him answers, Allison snidely informed Rafael that her father is a federally licensed firearms dealer and security consultant, which gave him the right to own all of the weapons, before she dropped a smoke grenade to distract the federal agents long enough for the three teenagers to escape. Once Sheriff, Melissa, and Argent were rescued by the Beacon Hills packs, Rafael decided to stay in town a while longer, though it would not be revealed until later that he was actually assigned to stay by his superiors.

In Anchors, it was first hinted that Rafael had official business in Beacon Hills when Sheriff Stilinski and Stiles were talking in Sheriff's office, as Stiles saw a box of cold case files on the floor that read "Deliver to FBI Field Office, Special Agent McCall." When Stiles asked him about them, Sheriff insisted that they needed to talk. Later that day, when Scott and Stiles were helping Sheriff Stilinski investigate a cold case involving Malia Tate, Scott asked Stiles why Sheriff was so intent to solve the case, leading Stiles to be forced to admit that his dad wanted to solve one more case before he was impeached due to Rafael's case.

That night, Scott returned to the McCall House and confronted his father about his case against Sheriff Stilinski. Rafael attempted to explain that his job, which was assigned to him by his superiors, was to put together evidence in order to make a case for impeachment, but that it was actually Sheriff's "lack of resolution" and "inability to close cases" that would be getting him impeached, not Rafael himself. Melissa returned home just then and demanded to know what they were fighting about, and she, too, was angry when she heard what Rafael was intending to do. Scott became so upset that he started to involuntarily transform due to the symptoms he was experiencing following the surrogate sacrifice ritual. When Melissa saw that Scott's eyes were starting to glow red and his claws were extending, she insisted that he come with her into the hallway right then, leaving a confused and suspicious Rafael behind to wonder what was going on with Scott.

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Personality Edit

Rafael is a tough, no-nonsense man who is quite dedicated to his work, a trait that has caused him trouble with his family. However, he also has the capacity to be kind, gentle, and loving, especially since moving back to Beacon Hills. He previously dealt with alcoholism, but after he accidentally harmed his son while drunk, he immediately quit drinking and never went back again, demonstrating that he has a strong sense of willpower, much like Scott. He is also a very intelligent man who is excellent at reading people, a trait that has served him well in his job as a federal agent and investigator.

Physical Appearance Edit

Rafael is a very tall, lean man with olive skin, reddish-brown hair, and large brown eyes. He is often dressed in a business suit for work, though he has been known to wear sweats around the house.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Though, as a human, Rafael has no supernatural powers, he possesses many skills that have served him well through the series. Due to his law enforcement background, he has immense knowledge about the law, as well as being competent in the use of firearms. He also demonstrated an extended knowledge of weaponry as well, as evidenced when he correctly identified the wide variety of weapons in the Argent Apartment and instantly knew that the thermowire garrote disguised as a bolo necklace was used in numerous murders by the Orphans. Rafael is also a highly observant man who is excellent at reading people and determining whether or not a person is lying.

Equipment Edit

  • FBI badge
  • FBI-issue handgun

Etymology Edit

  • Rafael: Rafael is a variant of the name Raphael, which is derived from the Hebrew רָפָאֵל (Rafa'el), meaning "God has healed." In Hebrew tradition, Raphael was one of the seven archangels, who appeared in the Old Testament in the Book of Tobit, which details how he aided Tobias. This name has been common in the English-speaking world, though it has been well-used elsewhere in Europe. A famous bearer was the 16th century Renaissance master painter Raphael Sanzio, usually known simply by his given name. Variants of the name in other languages include: Rafa'el (Biblical Hebrew); Rafaël (Hungarian, Macedonian, Portuguese, Slovene, Spanish); Raffaele, Raffaello (Italian); Rafał (Polish); Rafinha (Portuguese); Rafa (Spanish).
  • McCall: McCall is an Anglicized form of the Irish Gaelic surname Mac Cathmhaoil, meaning "son of Cathmhaol," a personalized name with the elements cath, meaning "battle," and maol, meaning "chief," which together translates to "battle chief." It is the Anglicized form of Mac Cathal, meaning "Son of Cathal." Variant transcriptions of the name include Macall, Maccall, Maccaul, and Mackall.

Trivia Edit

  • According to Rafael, he has killed three people during his time as a law enforcement officer, including the assassin known as The Chemist and two others who he was forced to kill in the line of duty.
  • Though Rafael hasn't been seen since he left for San Francisco to file his report on the lawful shooting of The Chemist in Season 4's Time of Death, according to IMDB, he will be returning in Season 6.