I never lied about why I came back to Beacon Hills. I'm here for the Werecoyote, the one whose first instinct is to kill. I came for the Banshee, the one surrounded by death. I came for the Dark Kitsune, the Beta with anger-issues... I came for Void Stiles! That's the pack I want. Unfortunately, it doesn't include Scott.
Theo to Stiles in Status Asthmaticus

Theo Raeken is a supporting character on Teen Wolf who made his first appearance in Season 5A. He was the first Chimera created by the Dread Doctors who managed to successfully complete his transformation without rejection, though he was not considered a true success. He went to school with Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski, in the fourth grade, before his family left Beacon Hills following the death of Theo's sister.

Theo returned to Beacon Hills and claimed that he wanted to join the Scott's pack pretending to be a recently-bitten Beta whose Alpha had died before his first full moon, when, in reality, he wanted Scott's pack for himself, choosing to get close to them to manipulate them into turning against Scott. When his plan failed, Theo killed Scott himself and moved onto his Plan B, which involved resurrecting four of the "failed" Chimeras before informing them that they were now his pack, and he was their Alpha (despite the fact that he was neither an Alpha nor a real Werewolf).

He continued his quest for more power with the help of his pack, only this time, he focused his sights on stealing the powers and lycanthropy of the Beast of Gevaudan, who had recently been resurrected by the Dread Doctors. To do this, he pursued several different leads that he thought could help him achieve his goal, including obtaining Belasko's talons, capturing Deucalion, and attempting to capture Lydia Martin, knowing that her Banshee connection with Jordan Parrish, the Hellhound prophesied to battle the Beast, would lure both Parrish and the Beast to him. He even killed two of his "Betas," Tracy Stewart and Josh Diaz, in order to steal their powers of Kanima venom production and electromagnetokinesis, respectively.

However, Theo's plans once again failed when the Beast proved immune to his venom. When he tried to retaliate against the McCall Pack for thwarting his plans with Deucalion's help, Kira Yukimura, with the help of the Skinwalkers, summoned Theo's deceased sister to drag Theo through a sinkhole and trap him underground. Theo's status remains unknown at this time, but it can be assumed that he is still imprisoned beneath the underground tunnels of Beacon Hills.

Theo is a member of the Raeken Family and was the self-declared "Alpha" of the Chimera Pack.

Early Life Edit

Theo was a classmate of Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski up until the fourth grade, when his younger sister died and his family subsequently left Beacon Hills. ("Parasomnia") The official story was that Theo's sister died of exposure when Theo was ten years old after she got lost in the woods, broke her leg, and fell into the freezing-cold lake, but in reality, Theo purposely allowed her to die so that way the Dread Doctors could harvest her heart and give it to Theo via a transplant, making him a genetic chimera. ("The Last Chimera") Once he had two sets of DNA, the Doctors were then able to make him a pseudo-supernatural Chimera as part of their plan to resurrect the Beast of Gevaudan. Though the Dread Doctors declared him a failure in that respect, they did learn a lot from his transformation into a part-Werewolf, part-Werecoyote Chimera, and they allowed him to survive and help them in their mission to create a truly successful host for the resurrected spirit of Sebastien Valet. ("The Beast of Beacon Hills")

At some point in the summer of 2012, Theo heard word that there was a powerful and unique pack in Beacon Hills led by his former classmate, the True Alpha Scott McCall. ("Creatures of the Night") Wanting to be a real Werewolf and an Alpha to have this powerful pack at his disposal, he made a deal with the Dread Doctors-- if Theo helped distract Scott and his pack to prevent them from interfering with their plans to bring back the Beast, then they would help him take over Scott's pack. ("Lies of Omission") Afterward, he left for Beacon Hills to set his plan into motion.

Throughout Teen Wolf Edit

In Creatures of the Night, Theo returned to Beacon Hills with his so-called parents, where he first met Kira Yukimura during the traffic jam on Route 115 when they were both trying to get cell phone reception. He then saw Scott McCall ride up on his motorbike to pick up Kira and take her back to the high school for Senior Scribe night. At the high school, Scott and Kira were attacked by a Werewolf-Garuda Chimera named Belasko, who wanted to steal Scott's power for his own, and Theo, knowing that Scott being killed by Belasko would ruin his plans, intervened in order to help them get the upper-hand against him. Afterward, Scott and Kira, along with Stiles Stilinski, Malia Tate, and Liam Dunbar, who had showed up when they heard their packmate and Alpha were in trouble, approached Theo, who realized Scott and Stiles didn't recognize him and explained that he had returned to Beacon Hills with his parents because he had heard about Scott's ascension to True Alpha and wanted to join Scott's pack.

In Parasomnia, Stiles, who was still suspicious of Theo's motives and the fact that he showed up just when the pack suffered their first attack in six months, insisted that he and Scott talk to Theo to learn more about what drew him back to Beacon Hills. Theo claimed that he was bitten by an Alpha against his will one day when he was skateboarding in a neighbor's empty swimming pool, but that by his first full moon, the Alpha had been killed by a pair of twins, implying that it was Ethan and Aiden's former Alpha who had given him the Bite and who then died when the twins killed him and the rest of the pack prior to joining the Alpha Pack.

That night, knowing that Stiles and Liam were following him, Theo went to the Beacon Hills Preserve with a bouquet of lilies, dropping them in the creek where his sister died to maintain his cover of innocence. He then caught the two and demanded to know what they were doing, forcing Stiles to admit that he was suspicious of Theo's motives because he had figured out that Theo's father's signatures didn't match those from several years ago. Theo acted as though Stiles was just being overly paranoid and insisted that he only wanted what they had, which was friends and packmates who would look out for him and would allow him to look out for them at all. Theo then reiterated that he believed he was meant to be in the McCall Pack.

Once they left, Theo revealed that he could full-shift into a wolf when he followed Liam back to the high school and chased after Liam and Mason until Liam Werewolf-roared him away, revealing his werewolf identity to Mason in the process. At the end of the episode, Theo returned home to his so-called parents, where he berated his "father" for screwing up Jonathan Raeken's signature, insisting that everything had to be perfect to ensure that he wasn't caught in his plans. He then smashed his "father's" hand with a hammer, as he believed that a serious hand injury would be a reasonable explanation for why his signatures would have changed.

In Dreamcatchers, Theo was seen observing the pack from the shadows at the crime scene where the Werewolf-Kanima Chimera named Tracy Stewart had both attacked and killed her father as well as seriously injured his driver. At the end of the episode, he showed up at the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic, where he found Alan Deaton, Scott, and Stiles recovering from being paralyzed by Tracy's Kanima venom and insisted that they let him help, even if they weren't ready to accept him into the pack yet. Though Stiles continued to be suspicious of him, Scott knew they needed all the assistance they could get and allowed Theo to join the three of them in traveling to the Beacon County Sheriff's Station where Tracy had gone to attack Natalie Martin.

In Condition Terminal, Theo arrived at the Sheriff's station with Scott, Stiles, and Deaton, where they found Lydia Martin bleeding out on the floor in Kira Yukimura's arms after she had been attacked by Tracy. Theo wasted no time taking off his belt and using it as a tourniquet to slow Lydia's bleeding before they could help her get to the hospital. Theo waited with the rest of the McCall Pack for news about Lydia's condition, and Melissa McCall thanked him for his quick thinking with the tourniquet, which she stated likely saved her life.

The next day, it was revealed that Theo was working hand-in-glove with the Dread Doctors when he went to talk to Donovan Donati, one of the Doctors' newest Chimeras who was part-Wendigo, part-Lamprey. He mocked Donovan for the results of the psychological evaluations he took as part of his application to become a Sheriff's deputy before stating that if he wanted to get back at Sheriff Stilinski for what happened to his father, he needed to cause emotional pain rather than physical pain; to this end, Theo suggested he go after who Sheriff loves the most (his son Stiles), and released him from his restraints in order to do so.

In A Novel Approach, unbeknownst to anyone, Theo followed Donovan to the high school and secretly watched as Stiles was forced to kill Donovan in self-defense, a result that he likely planned on in order to manipulate Stiles into trusting him, since Donovan used Theo's library key-card to gain access to where Stiles was hiding from him. The next day, Theo met up with Scott to discuss their current Chimera problem. Scott showed Theo the copy of The Dread Doctors novel that Malia Tate found in Tracy Stewart's bedroom, and Theo subtly hinted that they should talk to the author, who was listed as J.R. McCammon but who, in reality, was Gabriel Valack, a prisoner at Eichen House with a third eye that granted him extra-sensory perception.

Once Scott has made plans for himself, Stiles, Kira, and Lydia to go to Eichen to talk to Valack, Theo reported back to the Dread Doctors to inform them that they were going, which the Dread Doctors seemingly orchestrated in order to use Kira's overpowered Kitsune spirit to disable the telluric currents that prevented them from entering. That afternoon, Theo went to the high school's library, where he found Malia reading The Dread Doctors novel and joined her at her table. He began subtly flirting with her and eventually offered to help her practice her driving after seeing her disastrous driver's education lesson several days prior. Malia declined at first, but ultimately decided to take him up on the offer when she realized she had missed the last bus that could take her home.

While they were driving, Theo gave Malia tips on how to hold the steering wheel and teased her about her slow speed. However, the effects of the book kicked in moments later, causing Malia to have a flashback-hallucination about the night of the car accident that led to the death of her adoptive mother and sister, where she learned that it was not her first Werecoyote transformation that caused the crash-- in reality, her biological mother Corinne, otherwise known as the Desert Wolf, shot at the car. It was then the stress of the gunshots and the car crash that occurred after Evelyn accidentally drove into a tree to evade the shots that led to Malia transforming for the first time during the full moon, which subsequently caused Malia to attack and kill her adoptive mother and sister. Malia was zoned out during this flashback and began driving upwards of 70mph, and Theo became so concerned that she would crash the car that he forced her to stop the truck. She then ran out of the vehicle and collapsed on her hands and knees in the middle of the road, nearly getting killed by oncoming traffic before Theo tackled her out of the way just in the nick of time. She then breathlessly informed him that it was the Desert Wolf who caused the crash, much to Theo's confusion.

In Required Reading, Scott met up with Theo at school, where the former instructed the latter to keep an eye out for any of their fellow students acting strange or weird, since they were still looking for around eight Chimeras based on the number of incubation holes they found on the lacrosse field. Theo chuckled and remarked that most teenagers are pretty weird and asked about the book, leading Scott to invite him to join the pack at his house that night to read the book together in hopes of triggering any memories of experimentation that the Dread Doctors repressed with their powers. However, since Theo had his full memories due to being in league with the Dread Doctors, he merely pretended to read the book while observing the pack and learning more about the individual members. He overheard Stiles lying to Malia about how he injured his shoulder, which he mentally filed away for later use. He then waited until everyone was asleep before going upstairs, where he found Kira muttering "Watashi wa shi no shisha da" in her sleep (Japanese for "I am the Messenger of Death") and recorded her words in an audio file on his phone.

The next day, Malia confronted him in the weight room at school and demanded to know why he didn't tell Scott about what she said about the Desert Wolf. Theo played it cool and replied that he didn't say anything because he didn't think Malia wanted him to, which she reluctantly confirmed, and he continued to try to flirt with her by taking off his shirt to show off his muscles. She stopped him from doing weights by pinning his arms down, revealing that she was stronger than him, before asking him what his motives were, and Theo simply insisted he wanted into the pack (which Malia reminded him was not something she herself could grant him) and assured her that if she wanted to tell Scott what she learned, that was fine, but if she had something else in mind, he was okay with that as well.

That night, Stiles, in the midst of his own repressed memory from reading The Dread Doctors novel (which manifested as a flashback-hallucination of his mother, in the throes of frontotemporal dementia, ranting about how young Stiles was trying to kill her) wandered onto the roof of Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital, where he was immediately attacked by the recently-turned Chimera Josh Diaz, who had gone up there to absorb electricity from the backup generator. Josh tackled Stiles and was about to maul him with his claws when Theo, in his Werewolf form, appeared and began to fight Josh to save Stiles, which ultimately ended when Theo ripped out Josh's throat. Stiles was horrified by the sight and was eager to go to the pack to inform them that he was right about Theo, but Theo pleaded with him not to tell Scott. When Stiles asked him why he shouldn't, Theo replied, "Because I didn't say anything about Donovan."

In Strange Frequencies, Stiles and Theo continued their conversation on the roof of the hospital, where Theo claimed that he had witnessed Stiles accidentally killing Donovan at the high school after Malia, who was unable to get a hold of him, texted him out of concern for Stiles' safety. After some arguing, Stiles ultimately decided to stay quiet about Theo's hand in Josh's death and helped him smuggle the body out of the high school and into the animal clinic. Once there, they called Scott and lied about how they found him, claiming that it was actually The Surgeon who killed Josh with his sword, a lie that Scott believed without question. Theo then offered to stay overnight with the body so that they could possibly figure out who kept stealing the bodies of all of the dead Chimeras, an offer that Scott appreciatively accepted.

The next morning, The Surgeon showed up at the clinic, where Theo updated him on the recent developments. When Theo brought up the fact that the Doctors must want to know who was stealing the bodies as much as anyone, The Surgeon simply stated that they found it inconsequential, leading Theo to realize that they already knew who the body thief really was. Theo angrily reminded them that they were supposed to be keeping him in the loop on everything, but The Surgeon once again declared the topic to be of little importance. Before they could discuss it further, Stiles arrived and pointed out that the body thief was likely not going to come if they thought that they were being watched, so they set up a camera connected to a smart watch in the animal clinic before sitting out in Stiles' Jeep in the parking lot.

While there, Theo asked Stiles why he decided to stick around, and Stiles made it clear that he still didn't trust Theo. The topic of discussion then moved to justifiable homicide, and the fact that both Theo and Stiles killed Josh and Donovan, respectively, in order to save their own lives. He flashed his gold eyes at Stiles and reminded him that if he had killed an innocent person, they would have turned blue. Theo then brought up his sister, stating that Stiles reminded him of her because she was a "smart-ass" as well, and claimed that he wanted to look out for Stiles just like he should have done for her.

In flashback, it is revealed that Theo allowed his sister to die of hypothermia while she pleaded for him to help her. Near the end of the episode, Theo caught the scent of something burning and looked out the window just before a flaming fist appeared and hit him in the face, knocking him out temporarily. It was then revealed that Jordan Parrish, in Hellhound-mode, had arrived to take Josh's body, and he flipped over the Jeep, knocking Stiles out as well so he could take the body without Theo or Stiles interfering.

In Ouroboros, upon learning that Liam and Hayden had been captured by the Dread Doctors, Theo went straight to the McCall House, where the pack was working hard to figure out where Hayden and Liam were so they could be rescued. When Scott and Malia returned to the house, Theo wasted no time asking Scott if he was okay, but Scott ignored him in favor of going upstairs, where Mason and Lydia were helping Corey read The Dread Doctors novel in hopes of triggering repressed memories that could help them locate their captured friends. When Scott stated that this was a waste of time and quickly jammed his claws into the back of Corey's neck to read his thoughts for himself, Theo ran upstairs with Stiles and Malia and watched curiously before asking Stiles what he was doing.

After Scott finally saw Corey's memories of being taken to what appeared to an operating theater in the tunnels under the water treatment plant, he suggested that Theo come with him and Malia to check it out. However, Theo, who, as an ally to the Dread Doctors, already knew where Hayden and Liam were, instead elected to stay behind to help Stiles and Lydia with Corey, leading Mason to go in Theo's place. Once they left, Theo watched as Lydia cleaned up the back of Corey's neck with a washcloth and feigned surprise when Corey's wounds from Scott's memory-reading ritual had completely healed, confirming that Corey, too, was a Chimera.

When Corey, angry and frustrated by his treatment, attempted to leave, Theo insisted that he stay, claiming that since Lydia was a Banshee who could predict someone's death, she knew better than anyone that him leaving their protection would be a bad idea, which Lydia halfheartedly confirmed. Theo then demanded that Corey think hard about his dealings with the Dread Doctors to help them find their friends, as he knew he needed to save Hayden and Liam to prove his worth to the pack but also needed an excuse for how he knew where the two were being held by the Doctors. Corey, after some reflection, finally recalled being taken to an abandoned house with a large hole in the wall after his experimentation in the operating theater, and when Theo pointed out that Jordan Parrish had mentioned being attacked by Belasko at an abandoned house, Lydia confirmed it was the same one.

Theo then rushed to the house and ran into the basement where Hayden and Liam were locked in a cell with an electrified fence around them. When Liam asked him if he could get help, Theo informed them that he was the help to make them more grateful for his rescue before fighting through the electricity and breaking the gate open, helping the two escape. While Theo was driving them back to the McCall House, he watched as Hayden and Liam talked in the backseat; Hayden grimly informed Liam that she wasn't healing and that she was in bad pain everywhere, but when she asked him if this meant she was a failure, Liam, at a loss for words, simply kissed her. Theo smirked smugly when he saw that Liam was able to use the kiss to absorb Hayden's pain, allowing her to start to heal. When Scott, Malia, and Mason returned to the McCall House, they were shocked and relieved to find Hayden and Liam sleeping on the couch, and the three each hugged Theo in turn, all of them grateful that he was able to save them when they couldn't.

In Lies of Omission, Theo went to the operating theater in an attempt to convince the Dread Doctors to keep Hayden alive for a little longer, as she was apparently instrumental in his plans to become an Alpha and steal the McCall Pack from Scott. The Dread Doctors were not amused by Theo's demands, but ultimately agreed to give him two days, until the perigee szyzygy, or supermoon, before they deal with Hayden.

He later went to the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic, where Scott admitted the issues he was dealing with, including but not limited to the return of his asthma, the fact that it had been almost a full week since they had discovered new Chimeras, the increasingly distant behavior between himself and the other members of the pack, their inability to come up with a plan to deal with the Doctors, the fact that they're forced to lie to Jordan Parrish and Sheriff Stilinski about Parrish being the one stealing the bodies of the failed Chimeras, and the fact that neither Hayden nor Corey seem to want anything to do with them. When Scott confessed that he didn't know how he was supposed to save everyone if he couldn't even breathe, Theo replied that it sounded like he was apologizing, and Scott insisted that he was sorry that he was looking for a good Alpha and found him instead. Despite this, Theo claimed to still be with Scott and the others, for better or for worse, and when Scott reminded him that things always do get worse in Beacon Hills, Theo cryptically assured him that he was counting on it.

That afternoon, Stiles returned from exploring the Beacon Hills Preserve with Lydia in search of the Nemeton to warn Theo that Parrish and Lydia were close to finding the bodies of the dead Chimeras, which meant that they were also close to learning that Donovan and Josh had been killed him them. This clearly pleased Theo, since it meant that Stiles was starting to trust him as well, and, as part of Theo's continued effort to drive the pack members away from Scott, he went on to suggest that perhaps they should tell Scott what happened, since his behavior toward Corey seemed to suggest that maybe he would be more open to their kills in self-defense. Theo then left to go to AP Biology class, where he sat behind Scott and informed him that he needed to tell Scott something about Stiles later.

However, before Theo could tell Scott what he wanted to say, the two were distracted by the fact that Corey had begun projectile vomiting black blood and modified mercury, indicating that he was a "failure" like the other Chimeras. When Scott was so horrified that he was frozen in shock while watching Corey, who was screaming at everyone to not let the Doctors kill him, being loaded into an ambulance, Theo snapped him out of it and insisted that they needed to follow the ambulance to protect Corey.

On the way there, Scott asked Theo what he wanted to talk to him about, and Theo claimed that it wasn't as important as what they were doing now, leading Scott to insist that he tell him, since he believed that they all needed to start being more open and honest with each other. Theo then told Scott about Stiles killing Donovan, but changed the story; according to Theo, he saw Stiles brutally beat Donovan's skull in with a wrench at the high school, and though Theo claimed it could have been self-defense since Donovan had insinuated he wanted to kill Sheriff Stilinski, Theo framed it as though he didn't quite believe it. When Scott refused to believe that Stiles could do such a thing, Theo showed him the bloody wrench that Stiles had truly used to defend himself against Donovan, leading Scott to be confused and concerned about what was going on.

At Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital, Scott and Theo arrived to find that many patients, doctors, and nurses had been harmed in what looked like a fight and were in the middle of patching each other up in the halls, causing them to realize that Corey had done it, though Corey was using his Chimera power of supernatural camouflage to make himself invisible so they couldn't see him. By the time Scott and Theo finally tracked Corey down, he had been killed by the Dread Doctors in the ambulance bay, devastating Scott. Theo insisted that they needed to leave and find Hayden, since the Dread Doctors would be going after her next, and the two left to go to Sinema, where Hayden and Liam were in the middle of collecting Hayden's paycheck so they could leave town.

When they finally made it to the club, Liam was already in the middle of a fight with The Surgeon and The Pathologist while The Geneticist cornered Hayden in a back hallway. Scott jumped into the fight first to help back Liam up, and Theo entered the battle last, just in time for all three werewolves to be incapacitated by the Doctors. Theo quietly reminded The Surgeon that he needed more time while he was held in a choke-hold, and The Surgeon maintained that he had until the supermoon to do what he needed to do before letting him go; fortunately for him, Scott and Liam were too disoriented from their beating to hear their conversation. When the three finally left to find Hayden, they found her in the middle of being given an overdose of modified mercury by The Geneticist, causing her eyes to turn completely silver as the mercury formed a nictitious membrane. Scott instructed Theo and Liam to get Hayden to the animal clinic and assured them that he would meet them there.

On the way to the clinic, Hayden was starting to get weaker and weaker from the overdose the Doctors gave her, and Liam became desperate in his attempts to save her. When Liam asked Theo what they could do to help her get better, Theo insisted that he had no idea-- while he knew how to treat wolfsbane poisoning by burning it out, he had no idea what mercury did to Chimeras, especially since the mercury had been modified by the Doctors. Liam brought up the fact that she had an accelerated healing ability like them, Theo reminded him that, as a Chimera, she wasn't really like them, comparing the Chimeras to "cheap knockoffs" of true shapeshifters like werewolves and pointing out that she might not be as strong as they are. This caused Liam to realize that if she had the healing ability of a real werewolf, she could get better, but when Theo rudely retorted that, as Betas, neither of them had the power to give her the Bite to turn her, Liam reminded him that Scott, as an Alpha who had turned him into a werewolf, could turn Hayden. This seemed to give Theo an idea about how to become a true werewolf.

At the animal clinic, after Scott confronted Stiles about what Theo had told him, and Stiles, in his fear and anger, unknowingly confirmed Theo's story despite it not being true at all, Scott went into the animal clinic to find Liam and Theo with Hayden, who was barely conscious. Theo watched as Liam pleaded with Scott about Hayden's condition and insisted that he give her the Bite, and Scott, exhausted and devastated by his fight with Stiles and concerned about Hayden's well-being, said no.

In Status Asthmaticus, Theo watched as Scott and Liam debated whether or not to give the dying Hayden the Bite, and when it became clear that Scott wouldn't do it out of fear of killing her, Theo suggested that they needed to do something because Hayden wasn't looking good. The stress of the argument caused Scott to have an asthma attack, and Theo pulled an inhaler out of his pocket and tossed it to Scott to use to "help" him.

The next morning, Theo was seen at the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic with Scott, Liam, and Hayden when Melissa McCall showed up with IV bags of chelation therapy in hopes of flushing the Dread Doctors' modified mercury from Hayden's bloodstream. When Liam, already getting aggressive from the supermoon's effects despite it being during the day, inadvertently grabbed Melissa painfully by the wrist, Theo reminded them all that they were there to save Hayden's life, not kill each other. Melissa, who was confused by Liam's behavior, asked what was going on, leading Theo and Scott to explain how werewolves can be affected by the supermoon even during the day because of how much closer the moon is to the Earth.

Scott and Theo moved into the waiting room to give Melissa space to work, where Theo pointed out that they were going to need help handling Liam since he was still new to lycanthropy. When Scott insisted that Liam would be all right, Theo reminded him that Liam was sixteen and in love, which, combined with the supermoon, would be a bad combination. Theo asked him if he remembered what first love feels like, Scott, likely thinking of his former relationship with Allison Argent, assured him that he did. Theo maintained that they needed help and reminded Scott that he needed the support of his pack, and when Scott glumly replied that he wasn't sure he had one anymore, Theo offered to talk to the others to get them to understand what was going on. Later on, Theo left to go to the high school, where he texted Scott to let him know that the school was crawling with police officers due to one of the Chimeras destroying it the previous night.

Meanwhile, Lydia was at the library, reading a book about The Wild Hunt that led her to realize that Jordan Parrish was a Hellhound. Just then, she began to get an auditory Banshee premonition that began with unintelligible whispers that grew into the sounds of werewolves battling each other, finally ending in Scott's voice saying "I can't let you kill me." Just as Lydia realized what was about to happen there that night, Theo appeared behind her and correctly guessed that Lydia knew what was coming. When Lydia anxiously replied that someone was going to die there, Theo confirmed her premonition before insisting he can't let her leave to warn anyone. Lydia, confused, asked him what he was talking about, but Theo would only cryptically explain that he wanted Lydia and the rest of the McCall Pack and would be giving her time to think about her options before he backhanded her so hard she was knocked unconscious.

After bringing the unconscious Lydia to the Dread Doctors Operating Theater, Theo fully-shifted into his wolf form and ran into the woods, eventually finding Malia in her former coyote den, where she was staring at her sister's baby doll and recalling the events of the car crash that led her to accidentally kill her mother and sister. When Malia turned around and saw the wolf, she was shocked when it transformed into a naked Theo, causing Malia to demand to know how he full-shifted. Theo offered to teach her how to do it, and when Malia remarked on the fact that he was still naked, he insisted that he had nothing to hide.

He went on to ask her if Scott knew about her plans to kill her biological mother, and when Malia looked uncomfortable, Theo assured her that he wasn't judging her, and that he was actually interested in helping her because he knew that Scott wouldn't. He pointed out that if Scott wasn't willing to kill when necessary, then someone else needed to take the lead, and informed her about Hayden being near-death and the two Chimeras who still needed to be identified. When Theo insisted that the pack needed Malia's help, she agreed to go with him to Beacon Hill Memorial Hospital, only for Theo to lock her in a supply closet and throw the key in a sewer before he returned to the high school. He also used Lydia's stolen cell phone to text Scott and instruct him to go to the library, which he had partially surrounded with Mountain Ash.

Scott didn't notice the mystical barrier until it was too late, and he was shocked when he saw that Theo was able to complete the circle with a handful of ash without any difficulty. Scott correctly guessed that Theo was actually a Chimera and not a true werewolf, which Theo confirmed by stating that he was actually the first Chimera, and that it was his werecoyote side that Scott and the others didn't notice, a trait which he claimed made Malia more trusting of him despite her not truly knowing why. Theo also complimented Scott on his idea to call the Dread Doctors' creations "Chimeras," because not only does it mean "a creature with incongruous parts," but it also means "something impossible to achieve," or "an unrealizable dream."

When Scott snidely asked him if the Doctors successfully "realized" Theo, Theo's smug smirk dimmed slightly as he replied that the Dread Doctors came close to a success with him, but not completely, claiming that not all of them could be True Alphas. When Theo stepped over the barrier, Scott lunged for him so hard that he hit the barrier with so much force that it painfully threw him backward, and Theo laughed hysterically and claimed that even he felt the hurt of that blow. Scott demanded to know what Theo's plan was, but the Chimera refused to tell him, instead insisting that he would simply have to find out for himself before using the cell phone jammers that Parrish made to ensure that Scott couldn't call for help.

After Theo left, Scott made it up to the roof to see if he could escape Theo's trap by jumping off, only to find that he had made a mountain ash barrier around the outer perimeter of the building as well. When Scott began to wheeze, he took out his inhaler and took a hit of it before angrily squeezing it in his hand, crushing it to smithereens. A purple mist escaped from his closed fist, leading Scott to realize that Theo had laced his inhalers with wolfsbane to ensure he would be too weak to fight back, which is what had triggered his relapsed asthma. At some point, Theo broke the barrier long enough to let Liam in after using the effects of the supermoon to manipulate Liam into killing Scott, claiming that if Liam did so, he would become an Alpha and could then give Hayden the Bite to save her.

During the fight between Scott and Liam, Scott insisted that he couldn't let Liam kill him, because Theo needed that to happen since only a Beta bitten by a True Alpha could take that Alpha's power; once Liam killed him and became an Alpha, Theo could then kill Liam and become an Alpha himself. This argument didn't sway Liam, though, and it wasn't until Mason showed up to tell Liam that Hayden had died from her mercury overdose that Liam stopped attacking Scott. Meanwhile, Theo had met up with Stiles where Sheriff Stilinski had hidden the bodies of the Chimeras from Parrish, where Theo revealed his true plan-- he wanted to become a real werewolf and an Alpha so that he could take the McCall Pack for his own, which included Malia, a werecoyote with killer instincts; Lydia, a Banshee surrounded by death; Kira, a powerful dark Kitsune; Liam, a Beta with "anger issues," and Stiles himself, who still had vestiges of "Void Stiles" inside of him. When Theo remarked that his new pack didn't include Scott, Stiles started to attack him, leading Theo to laugh and taunt him about having more blood on his hands than any of them. Theo then revealed that he would tell Stiles where the injured Sheriff Stilinski was, but only if he promised not to help Scott.

After Liam had left the school, Mason helped Scott to his feet, and the two talked about what had happened, not noticing that a furious Theo had arrived to finish what he started. He berated Mason for not being able to wait five more minutes for Liam to kill Scott and backhanded him across the face before turning his attention to Scott himself. He stated that he should have stayed to make sure Liam could get the job done, but Scott, still weakened from the wolfsbane and the fight, smirked and pointed out that now he'll have to kill him himself, taking pleasure in the fact that if he died, Theo still wouldn't get his power. When Scott insisted that the members of the pack were still loyal to him, Theo conceded that he might be right, but that they will eventually come around, but Scott made it clear that they wouldn't for him, because they're not like Theo and never will be. Theo, already insecure about being Chimera, demanded to know if Scott was insinuating that they wouldn't join him because he's a Chimera and not a real werewolf, but Scott stated that it was because Theo is barely even human. Furious at Scott's words, Theo impulsively stabbed Scott in the chest with his claws and twisted his insides until Scott's red Alpha eyes faded away.

Afterward, Theo returned to the operating theater, where Lydia had just awoken after being knocked out. He apologized for what he was about to do, since he hadn't had any practice, and when Lydia realized that Theo planned to do the memory-manipulation ritual on her, she pleaded with him not to as he stabbed his claws into the back of her neck. He then sifted through her memories until he gained the location of the Nemeton before dropping Lydia unceremoniously onto the floor and using one of the Dread Doctors' large syringe guns to draw up a large amount of the green fluid from Der Soldat's tank. Despite the fact that the trauma of the ritual had put Lydia into a catatonic state, he still dragged her to the Nemeton with him and forced her to watch as he used the green serum to resurrect four of the numerous dead Chimeras that had been deposited there by Parrish while in Hellhound-mode. After using the serum to revive Tracy Stewart, Josh Diaz, Hayden Romero, and Corey, he informed them that they were his new pack, and he was their new Alpha, before leading them out of the woods.

In The Last Chimera, In the flash forward, While Theo and The chimeras break into Eichen house to retrieve Lydia, Valack explains to her that When The Dread Doctors turned Theo into a chimera it marked a turning point in the right in their research.In the present, Theo continues to enlist Stiles into his Pack saying I'm not the bad guy here Stiles I'm just a survivor.Back In the future at Eichen House, Theo reveals to Valack that e want a Hellhound

In Damnatio Memoriae, Theo helps Josh and Hayden with Their abilities and discovers ways on how to control and manipulaten the chimeras, Theo then gets his so called pack to attack Scott, he is not pleased when they do so with little succes. he tells Scott that their on the same side and the Beast is the real enemy.

In Co-dominance ,Theo and Tracy track the Beast down to the School but are confront by the Dread Doctors when Theo and Tracy see the Beast they both back up terrified When the Beast roars it is so loud that Tracy and Theo ave to cover their ears,When in class Theo spots Malia in the hallway e smile's and stare's at her until she leaves, He later finds her at the Animals clinic. After receiving a beating from Malia, he soon offers to help her find Dr. Deaton and The Desert Wolf. at the end of the Episode it is reaveled by Mason and Liam that Theo is looking for a blind Alpah also known as .

In The Sword and the Spirit, Theo injects Malia with wolfsbane to take her to The dread doctors lair where e uses their technology to help Malia find her mother. He double crosses Braeden and Malia exchange The Desert Wolf hands him a jar containing the talons from Theo explain to Malia that he didn't really want to give it to her but didn't have a choice, He later goes back to his pack who are all badly wounded Theo seems disgusted and annoyed that the pack were badly wounded by a blind Werewolf. Theo offers to the office to negotiate wit in exchange he showed him how to steal the Beast's power

In "Amplification", Theo along with his pack break into Eichen House, Josh and Tracy take out the guards. They enter through the lobby and demand to see Lydia Martin. He pulls the guy from behind the desk through the glass and onto the floor. As they approach Lydia's room, Valack and Theo signals Tracy to get Valack. He wonder what they would want with a banshee, Theo replies that he doesn't want a banshee, he wants a Hellhound. At that moment Parrish appears at the door, he burns the door down and begins walking towards them.

In "Lie Ability", Theo watches as the hellhound walks towards him, he grabs Lydia and presses his claws against her throat with such force that she begins to bleed. He then orders Tracy, Josh and Corey to take out the hellhound , Corey is hesitant but Tracy and Josh go right after him. Valack sneaks up behind him and drills a hole in Theo leg with his trepenation tool and he falls, Valack grabs Lydia and they get away. He gets up and throws a pipe at Parrish, it pierces his chest, the hellhound falls to the ground and reverts back to human form. He teams up with Stiles in order to find Lydia, they soon realize that Valack has taken Lydia somewhere within the tunnels.
He loses Lydia's scent after entering the tunnels, all that he can smell is chemicals and fecal matter, now he's trying to see if he can hear her. He wants Stiles to trust him because he'll never find Lydia by himself but Stiles refuses since he basically killed his sister. Theo says that he was only nine, so when three people in leather suits showed up and said that his sister wanted him to have her heart, he believed them. Then they hear a loud scream and Theo say it came from everywhere. He and Stiles get into another argument and he reveals that he's going to steal the beast powers, then Through Stiles advice, Theo breaks the pipe in order to hear better.
Theo and Stiles eventually finds the room that Lydia is in, after Theo breaks the door Stiles goes in a saves Lydia. In this room, he finds a mask that looks very similar to the Dread Doctors. Back at the lair with Hayden and Deucalion, Theo rveals to them hat he didn't find what he was looking for but he may have found something better.

In The Beast of Beacon Hills, Theo is in his lair along with Tracy, Josh and Deucalion. He request that Josh put the mask on but he refuses. Tracy brings him Belasko's talons but he can't do anything with them as long as The Beast' identity remains a secret but Deucalion tells him they're completely useless. As Deucalion continues to to talk and piss him off, he orders Tracy to paralyze him but Deuc gets up and pulls the tube out of his arm thus revealing that he's been a willing prisoner. Theo is slammed against the wall by the blind alpha, his arm is broken and then Deuc explains that the secret to taking power is pain, Theo has to take their pain then their life and then their power.
He tests this process by killing Josh, Theo impales Josh with his claws and takes his power by doing this, Theo's eyes visibly becomes brighter, with Josh's abilities, he now has the power to put on the mask, he does this but appears to be in pain. Theo forms a temporary alliance with Scott and Liam, they meet up at the Operating Theater where Theo explaian how the Dread Doctors have managed to expand their life, they've been using a German soldier known as "Der Soldat", he was a Nazi Alpha Werewolf. As they look for Mason, he informs them that when he put on the mask, he saw a man dying in the snow, impaled by a spear. They find Mason but the doctors show up, it was clearly a trap, The Surgeon taunts Theo by calling him a "failure", he becomes enraged and attacks the doctors. Soon after, Mason becomes the beast and Theo watches as he kills "The Geneticist" and "The Pathologist".

In Apotheosis, Theo is wounded after is confrontation with the Dread Doctors and The Beast. Tracy takes him back to the lair and sits him down, they begin to kiss but Theo is too hurt. Tracy suggest that they rest for a couple days and think of a new plan but he already has a new plan. Theo kills Tracy and takes her powers. Now he and Deucalion are in the tunnels, Deuc encourages him to be at full strength, he tests this out by grabbing a circuit box and then shocking Deucalion and leaving him on the ground.
He finds Scott, Liam and Lydia in the tunnels, after shocking Scott and Liam, he throws Lydia down a whole. Theo shifts and proceeds towards The Beast, he doesn't want to steal its name, he just wants the power; however he fails. Sebastien Valet is too strong and he knocks Theo to the ground, as Sebastein walks off, he sees Deucalion, Scott and Liam coming his way. He realizes that Deuc was working with Scott the entire time and then he gets his neck snapped. Shortly after this, Theo is looking for revenge, he has lightning scattering around his body, he shoots a bolt of lightning but Kira blocks it and tells him that the skinwalkers have a message for him.
Kira stabs the ground with her sword and it cracks, his sister comes reaching out the ground and pulls Theo in. No one comes to save him even as he begs for Scott's help.

Personality Edit

Theo is an intelligent and charming young man who has demonstrated an exceptional ability to use his cunning to manipulate others around him, as evidenced by the fact that he was able to convince everyone in the McCall Pack, as well as their allies such as Sheriff Stilinski, that he was a kind, compassionate person who simply wanted entry into the pack. Despite his compassionate and caring persona, he has shown himself to be ruthless in his pursuit of power, much like Peter Hale, and is willing to sacrifice anyone's life if he believes it will help him achieve his goals. Despite this personality trait, Theo has shown an uncharacteristic level of care and concern toward Malia Tate, who is a werecoyote like him and who he seems to genuinely like, though that has not stopped him from hurting her physically and emotionally in order to get what he wants; regardless, he has demonstrated that Malia is the only person who can cause him to feel the slightest bit of regret or guilt for his actions.

Theo's main drive in life is his desire to become a true werewolf and an Alpha, which he believes will make him immensely powerful, especially if he acquires the members of the McCall Pack, who are also exceptionally powerful individually as well. To achieve this goal, he has shown that he is capable of making elaborate plans to manipulate those around him, putting wedges between Scott and his packmates to drive them apart in hopes that, once Theo stole Scott's powers and became an Alpha werewolf himself, they would be willing to accept him as their new Alpha. This plan also revealed that he is extremely good at reading people, and knows exactly what to do or say to manipulate them into reacting how he wants, whether it's proving himself to be trusted by saving the lives of the McCall Pack, making Stiles Stilinski feel better about killing Donovan Donati so he's more willing to accept his darker nature, or turning Liam against Scott by pointing out that taking his Alpha powers would allow him to save girlfriend Hayden, among many other examples.

However, though Theo made it clear that he wanted all of the members of the McCall Pack to be his subordinates, he was perfectly willing to sacrifice many of them if it meant getting the others. For example, Theo wanted Liam in his pack due to his immense strength and anger issues, but was ultimately willing to kill Liam in the case that Liam was able to successfully kill Scott, since Liam, as the only Beta Scott had bitten and turned at that point, was the only person who could take the Alpha powers Theo wanted from him. In the same vein, Theo also wanted Lydia in his pack, as he knew her Banshee powers would be a valuable asset in predicting any threats against him, but when it became clear that he would be unable to turn Lydia against Scott, he believed he had no choice but to take Lydia out of the equation entirely by instead using her to find the location of the Nemeton by reading her memories; the fact that he referred to Lydia's resulting catatonia as "collateral damage" demonstrates just how much he bases his value of other people on how much they can or cannot help him get what he wants.

Theo has demonstrated traits of a sociopath from a young age, as evidenced by flashbacks to when he was ten years old, when he watched his sister plead for his help before her death by hypothermia and did nothing to aid her, as he wanted her heart so the Dread Doctors could turn him into a Chimera. This was also proven by Theo's impulsive behavior; though he was able to trick the McCall Pack into thinking that he was good and genuinely wanted to help them in order to get close enough to Scott and the others to steal Scott's powers, he was so upset when his plans failed that he impulsively killed Scott himself despite knowing that doing so would ruin his chances of becoming an Alpha the way that he intended.

Though he seems to have no issue with causing others pain, he has also demonstrated a slightly masochistic enjoyment in others causing him pain as well, much like Ethan and Aiden, as he intentionally encouraged both Stiles and Malia to beat him up and was pleased when Malia broke his arm in a fight, though this was likely due in part to Theo wanting the two to embrace their darker inner nature by engaging in violence regardless of their target. He has also shown behavioral similarities to Peter Hale and the Nogitsune in terms of his long-term plans and manipulation of others using their weaknesses against them. This will apparently become even more evident in Season 6, when the newest supernatural threat against Beacon Hills will force the members of the McCall Pack to seek out both Peter and Theo's assistance in dealing with it. As far as Theo's similarity to the Nogitsune, Theo shares the personality traits of a trickster, which is fitting, since in mythology and folklore, coyotes are considered to be tricksters, just like foxes and ravens.

In addition to these personality and behavioral traits, Theo has also shown that he is a foil to Scott McCall; where Scott brings out the best in everyone around him due to his belief that everyone has some good in them, Theo wants everyone around him to be as dark as he is, and gains enjoyment in bringing out the worst in those around him, as evidenced by his attempts to tempt Stiles Stilinski and Malia Tate into embracing their inner dark side to be more like him. Likewise, while Scott gains the loyalty of his packmates and allies by treating them as equals and going out of his way to care for, protect, and defend them, Theo treats his packmates and allies, such as Deucalion, as pawns to be used as he sees fit to gain the power he craved. Theo's inability to pass up an opportunity to stab his allies in the back in exchange for power or other benefits ultimately became his downfall, as the fact that he did nothing to earn their loyalty led all of his allies who weren't killed by Theo himself to switch sides in the final battle.

Physical Appearance Edit

Theo is a very attractive young man who has tanned white skin, hazel eyes, and light brown hair that he wears tousled with gel. He is on the shorter end of average height with a lean, athletic build; in fact, Malia Tate once stated that Theo had a "perfect body," and Theo seems to agree with this sentiment, since he has no problem stripping nude in front of others and claims he has nothing to hide. Theo is usually seen wearing trendy clothes, such as designer slim-fit jeans, solid-colored v-neck tshirts, and hoodies, vests, or jackets in neutral colors.

Powers and Abilities Edit

As a Chimera, Theo has gained the common powers of a Beta-level Werewolf and Werecoyote. Though he has been shown to be the strongest of the Chimeras, he was still inferior in strength to true werecreatures, as evidenced by Theo's comments that Chimeras are like "cheap knockoffs" in comparison to real shapeshifters. After learning how to take the powers of others from Deucalion, Theo gained additional abilities that he obtained through killing his packmates Josh Diaz and Tracy Stewart and stealing their powers.

  • Super Strength: As a Chimera, Theo possesses superhuman strength that allows him to break through various locks and chains, punch through brick walls, and throw grown men across the room with ease. The upper limits of Theo's super strength are unknown, but he was shown to be able to flip over Stiles' Jeep, which had been overturned by Jordan Parrish, indicating that he has a considerable level of strength. However, he was unable to overpower the Beta Werecoyote Malia Tate when she was pinning his arms, indicating his strength level is inferior to even Beta-level Werewolves and Werecoyotes. It is unknown if stealing Josh and Tracy's powers increased Theo's super-strength to any significant degree.
  • Super Speed: As a Chimera, Theo can run much faster than even the most athletic human, though Theo rarely utilized this ability, and it is likely that he cannot run as fast as real supernatural creatures. However, when he was being followed by Stiles and Liam, he somehow managed to get ahead of them without even being noticed, though Liam wasn't utilizing his Werewolf powers at the time due to being with the human Stiles. It is unknown if stealing Josh and Tracy's powers increased Theo's super-speed to any significant degree.
  • Super Agility/Reflexes: As a Chimera, Theo possesses superhuman agility, allowing him to easily dodge attacks, perform a multitude of acrobatic and gymnastic feats, and avoid projectiles such as arrows and bullets. This ability comes in handy during battles, giving Theo the ability to perform spinning kicks and flips to give even more force to his strikes. This power also extends to his reflexes as well, allowing him to process information at a much faster pace and catch arrows in mid-air before they can hit him.
  • Super Durability: As a Chimera, Theo is much more resistant to blunt-force trauma than humans, allowing him to survive falls and other high-powered impacts such as being thrown through walls with few to no injuries.
  • Super Senses: As a Werewolf-Werecoyote Chimera, Theo has incredibly heightened senses of smell, sight, and hearing. With these powers, Theo is able to track beings by scent and identify their identity and emotional state using chemosignals; see perfectly in the dark and across long distances, as well as perceive supernatural phenomena such as Kitsune auras and, he can hear whispered conversations from many meters away, which also allows him to hear oncoming threats before they can approach him. Theo has demonstrated that he is an especially skilled tracker of scents, as evidenced by his ability to find Lydia in Eichen House even despite the smell of chemicals and feces in the underground tunnels, putting his tracking abilities on par with Peter and Derek Hale.
  • Accelerated Healing: As a Chimera, Theo has the ability to heal from mild to moderate injuries within minutes, and more serious injuries within hours. This ability is especially powerful for a Chimera, as Theo was able to heal from a broken neck within an hour, whereas fellow Chimera Hayden Romero was unable to heal less serious injuries. He was extremely confident in his healing ability as well, as he often encouraged Stiles and Malia to fight him and assured Braeden that she would be unable to kill him with a shotgun. Along with this ability to heal, Theo has an immunity to all human illnesses and conditions, and cannot be intoxicated by drugs or alcohol due to the fact that his body heals the damage too quickly.
    • Longevity: As a result of Theo's accelerated healing ability, it is likely that he, like other supernaturals with this power, will have a greatly extended lifespan due to how quickly his body regenerates and replaces aging cells.
  • Shapeshifting:
    File:Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 19 The Beast of Beacon Hills Theo smiling.jpg
    As a Werewolf-Werecoyote Chimera, Theo possesses the ability to partially-shift into the form of a werecoyote/werewolf by transforming his body. In this form, Theo's brow is ridged, he grows sideburns, his eyes glow gold, and his teeth and fingernails extend into fangs and claws. Theo can selectively transform specific features, such as making his eyes glow to identity himself as supernatural and enhance his eyesight, or extending only his claws or his fangs when he needs to cut or bite something.
    • Advanced Shapeshifting:
      Theo wolf form
      Theo has a unique power of shapeshifting due to the combination of his Werewolf and Werecoyote nature-- since Werecoyotes can full-shift, and he is part-Werewolf, he is able to fully shift into a true wolf as a result of this combination. This was demonstrated when he full-shifted into a dark-brown wolf with white eyes and chased after Liam and Mason at the high school, and again when he approached Malia in her old coyote den. This power is especially unique, as the only true Werewolves who have the ability to full-shift are Evolved Werewolves from the Hale Family, such as Talia Hale, Laura Hale, and Derek Hale, as well as the Werecoyote, Malia Tate. Interestingly enough, Theo's full-wolf form looks extremely similar to Derek's full-wolf form.
  • Electromagnetokinesis: After killing Josh and stealing his powers, Theo acquired the ability to absorb and manipulate electricity and electromagnetic forces, though he was only seen using the aspect that allowed him to use it as an offensive weapon. He first demonstrated this ability when he grabbed onto a circuit box and siphoned its electricity before channeling it into a large bolt of electricity that shocked and incapacitated Deucalion. He also used this power to attack Kira Yukimura, though, as a Thunder Kitsune, the electricity had no effect on her, and she was able to absorb it just like he does. In order to create electricity and shoot it in bolts of lightning, Theo seems to need to absorb it from a power source first, and because of this, he has the ability to sense sources of electricity just as Josh did. He was also immune to electromagnetic energy, as he was able to successfully wear the Dread Doctor Mask in order to use it to see the true identity of the Beast of Gevaudan without being killed by its power.
  • Kanima Venom Production: Due to killing Tracy and stealing her powers, Theo possessed the same Kanima characteristics that Tracy had, though he only utilized the power to produce Kanima venom. This allowed him to secrete a clear, viscous fluid from his claws which he could use to paralyze a victim by stabbing them with his claws and injecting the venom into them, and he could also "milk" the venom from his claws to coat surfaces and paralyze others through contact. He first used Kanima venom to paralyze Scott and force him to drop Lydia through a grate into the sublevel, and he also attempted to use it against the Beast to help him absorb his powers, though this ultimately failed.

Weaknesses Edit

Though Theo, as a Chimera, was not susceptible to mountain ash like true supernaturals are, the fact that his powers were likely inferior in strength to real shapeshifters still put him in a disadvantage in a fight. However, gaining more offensive powers such as Kanima venom production and electromagnetokinesis has helped compensate for the lack of physical strength in comparison to Werewolves, Werecoyotes, and Kitsune. It is unknown if Theo is vulnerable to substances such as wolfsbane, mistletoe, or wolf lichen, which are commonly used to weaken Werewolves and Werecoyotes.

Relationships Edit

Etymology Edit

  • Theo: Theo is the short form of the masculine given name Theodore, which is derived from the Greek name Θεοδωρος (Theodoros), meaning "gift of God" or "divine gift." This is a combination of the Greek roots Θεος (theos), "god," and δωρον (doron), meaning "gift." It is a name notable for being shared by several saints, including Theodore of Amasea, Theodore of Tarsus, and Theodore of the Studite, along with also being the name of two popes. However, some names beginning with the prefix Theo- are not necessarily derived from Greek, but are rather derived from the Old Germanic theud, meaning "people or "folk." Such Germanic names include Theobald, Theodoric, and Theolonius.
  • Raeken: Raeken is a variant of the name Reagan, an Anglicized version of the Irish surname Ó Riagáin ("son of Riagán"), which is derived from the Irish personal name Riagán, which means "little king" or "little warrior." The name also is derived from the word riodhgach, meaning "impulsive," which, combined with the meanings "little king or warrior," is a very fitting surname for Theo Raeken considering his desire to be Alpha ("king"), his warrior instincts, and his impulsivity.

Trivia Edit

  • Theo was the first Chimera and the only one to survive the Dread Doctors experimentation without rejecting his transformation like the others or needing to be resurrected with the green serum. However, though his transformation was successful, he was not truly a successful Chimera, as he was an unsuitable host for the Beast of Gevaudan, which was the Dread Doctors' ultimate goal.
  • Theo is the first and only person on the show who has successfully stolen the powers of creatures of a different species than himself, as evidenced when he killed Josh Diaz and stole his power of electromagnetokinesis, and when he killed Tracy Stewart and stole her ability to produce Kanima venom.
  • In Season 5A, Theo tries to corrupt the McCall Pack, especially Stiles Stilinski and Malia Tate, as he wanted to take control of the pack after Scott's death.
    • Theo encouraged Stiles to keep Donovan's death secret in order to gain Stiles' trust by bonding with him over having to kill in self-defense. It is likely that Theo sent Donovan after Stiles with the intention of forcing Stiles to kill Donovan so he could have something to use to manipulate him and turn him against Scott.
    • Theo also supported Malia in her desire to kill her mother, likely both out of genuine concern for Malia as well as to make her personality darker to increase the chances that she would be in his pack.
  • Theo is drawn to Malia due to her being a Werecoyote, suggesting that Werecoyotes can unconsciously feel a kinship with one another.
    • It is possible that Theo is drawn to Malia because of an unconscious need for a coyote mate or pack.
  • Theo has the unique ability to shapeshift into a full wolf, a power that no other Chimera is known to possess.
  • After failing to have Liam kill Scott so he could kill Liam and take Scott's Alpha power, Theo turned his sights on taking the Beast of Gevaudan's power, though he was ultimately unsuccessful in this task as well.
  • Cody Christian has stated Theo wants to became a real Werewolf, which was further confirmed by Theo's comments in the show, which made it obvious that he has an inferiority complex about being a Chimera and not a true shapeshifter.
  • According to Teen Wolf creator, Jeff Davis, everyone loved working with Cody Christian, which is why they left his fate uncertain rather than killing him off, leaving it open so that he could possibly return at some point.
  • The same wolf that was used to represent Derek Hale's full-wolf form was also used to represent Theo's full-wolf form.
  • It has been confirmed that Theo will be returning for Season 6, which seems to indicate that Theo is still alive despite being trapped underground.

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